Bit the apple

The only thing standing between me and Winter Break is my European Integration exam. Oh boy, one more exam and I’m free for three weeks. I’m excited.

I’m off to see the world in 24 hours, but I did a little sight seeing last month too. I went down to the good ol’ Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, the world’s melting pot, and all those other good nicknames. I finally went to New York City.

On the downside of being cliche, I have to say that I loved every second of it. We stayed in Times Square for the weekend and I was just blown away by the bright lights (Pussycat Dolls song stuck in my head). I even squealed slightly when we walked by the New York Times office and the Good Morning America studio. What a journo-nerd.

I spent a good chunk of my time down there on tours. I’m the type of tourist that likes to learn new things when I visit landmarks (nerd) and I did not pass the chance to sit on a double decker tour bus. I saw all the main attractions that New York has to offer. I frolicked with the Statue of Liberty,

rode across the Brooklyn Bridge,

stood on top of the Empire State building,

and toured the NBC studios.

It was one amazing weekend. If anyone is going to New York City and you enjoy learning about the city as much I do, I really recommend taking a tour with City Sights NY. I took the All-Around tour that cost me $54. My ticket got me a seat on the Downtown tour, Uptown Treasures and Harlem tour, Brooklyn tour,  the Night tour AND a harbor cruise. I also got a pass to the Museum of the City of New York, but I didn’t have time to go.

I definitely made time to go on all the tours though. ALL of them Iman? Yes, all of them. A single tour (Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn) would’ve cost me $44, but by just slapping down an extra $10, you could go on all of them. Thrifty.

I basically saw the entire borough of Manhattan and Brooklyn, it was spectacular. When my roommates went to watch Sister Act on Broadway, I went on the Night tour, and honestly, one of the best things I’ve seen. If you get the chance to see New York at night, do it.

I saw my favourite stores and resisted the temptation to walk into them!

Another thing I loved were all the Halal food carts! If only we had some Halal italian sausage in Ottawa, my life would be made.

I made a stop at the Hershey store and three-storey M&Ms store. But my favourite store during the whole trip was the NBC Experience store at 30 Rockefeller. I blew all my money on Friday Night Lights, Friends and NBC stuff for my apartment. So worth it.

Oh, and I got a photo with Matt Lauer.



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