Fur Fur Fur

Greetings from Vienna! Or like the locals call it, Wien (pronounced like ‘Vine’). We arrived Wien on Saturday looking like shipwrecked rats with two huge bags in tow. Being on 20 hour journey will that to you.
My cousin’s second birthday party was in full swing by the time we arrived my aunt’s house. After a quick change and reapplication of our fresh faces, we joined the party. We could only stay up for two hours and then readily crashed into our bed in the guest room.
On Sunday everything is closed in Wien so we just lazed around and watched DVDs from my cousins’ huge collection. Cougartown is hilarious!
Then my camera decided to die on me.
We were on our way to Schonbrunn palace and my memory card flaked out on me so all I have left to preserve this trip is my memories and iPhone camera. Solid.

I’ve been to Schonbrunn before when I was younger, but I didn’t remember it to be as majestic as the gorgeous palace that stood before us. I was in complete awe of the royal apartments that once housed the Austro-Hungarian imperial family! Everything was so grand and historic, I couldn’t even breathe the air in the palace without feeling nostalgic about the grandeur that surrounded me. A lot of fancy words, I know.

We couldn’t take photos inside the palace so Alice certainly made up for it outside on the grounds and I spent my worth in the gift shop. Such tourists. One of the most famous monarchs that lived in the Schonbrunn was Emperor Franz Josef’s wife, Empress Elisabeth, or also known as Sisi. She is quite an icon here and I read up her Wikipedia page weeks before so I was quite blown away by being her private rooms. She even had a diary-writing room. Indulgent!
I was certainly indulgent the next day when we went to the shopping district. I know we have H&M and Zara in Canada, but I just couldn’t help myself. I may have gone slightly over my spending budget, but you only live once right?!

Someone had commented on my previous blog post that there were singing toilet seats somewhere in Wien. We were in the subway station (or UBann as they call it here) and say a sign for Opera Toilets. We thought “Hey! That must be it!” so we paid 70 cents and went into the toilets.



It was nothing special. We took some hilarious pictures and Alice even had her video camera on thinking that the toilet was going to play music as she flushed. No such luck.

Another European thing that we find funny is all the long names that they have here in Vienna. Trying to pronounce UBann stops and streets just kill us! After a while we just roll with it and butcher the German names. A few people stared at us as we took this photo.

I don’t know if it’s because they were trying to figure out what stop they needed to get off at or they were staring at the weird tourists who are full of themselves.

If you have never met Alice, you are probably missing out on some great one liners, hair complaints and honest observations. And I quote the great Canadian;

If you can buy liquor from a grocery store and cigarettes from a vending machine, I’m not surprised that you can buy X-rated magazines from a corner store.

We’re off to Kartner Ring today and I have high hopes that I will not spend as much money today and just enjoy the beauty that Wien has to offer.




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