Where’s Maria?

It’s cold and wet outside in Salzburg, so we’re inside watching The Simpsons in German. Lisa’s voice is shriller when yelling German words. We arrived Salzburg after a very quick three hour ride on a Westbanf train. I liked the double decker train, the seats were comfortable and I loved the huge windows. I took a quick nap during the ride and when I woke up there was snow everywhere! There wasn’t any snow in Wien, so to see a sudden abundance of it was such a nice surprise.

We are staying at a bed and breakfast, Salzburg Rooms, and it’s such a quaint little place. We were expecting a normal hotel but this B&B does the job. We are close to all the buses, the train station and a McDonalds! I think the B&B used to be a classic house back in the day, but the Asian hostess turned it around and furnished it with new bathrooms and Ikea furniture.
After dropping our bags off and grabbing a city map, we headed out for lunch. The most obvious solution was McDonalds. How embarrassing; we’re in a historical European town and the first thing we look for are chicken nuggets!


I love tours because I think there is no better way to visit a destination than actually learn about it. We bought tickets to the Sound of Music tour for tomorrow and a SalzburgCard. The 24 hour SalzburgCard cost us €22 and I think it’s a great deal. The card allows us to travel on public transportation and entry into all museums and major attractions. We have the card for only 24 hours but considering we’re only here for two days, I think it’s a quite a deal.

We’ve already seen Mozart’s home, birthplace and the Mozarteum. We also dodged the rain by hopping on the buses. Salzburg has a new division and an old part of the city. We walked through the old city while the Hohensalzburg fortress towered over us. After saying goodbye to Mozart’s pianos, we walked down little streets paved with cobblestones. The streets now serve as pedestrian malls with designer stores lining the row of shops! I was happily surprised to see a gorgeous Zara store and SALE signs in a H&M. I promise I won’t go in 🙂


Bridges connect the new and old parts of the city. There are bridges for vehicles, but the pedestrian bridges are very special. The view from the bridge is spectacular because you can see all the way down the Danube (I have to check this fact!). It is very foggy today so our photos look blurry, but it was beautiful nonetheless. There were tons of tourists on the bridge, but none more excited then me. I remember walking across the bridge with my grandparents 8 years ago when they brought me to Salzburg for the first time. It was such a special trip, being back here brings back great memories.

The bridge also holds special meaning to a lot of other people too. There are decorated locks on the bridge. Couples draw in their initials on the locks and chain them to the bridge. I thought it was really sweet. There were some cool looking locks too.

We’re going to call it a night, stay in and watch CNN (the only English channel on TV). It’s pouring rain outside and we need to be fully charged for the long day I have planned for us tomorrow. I’m planning to see Austria’s largest Toy Museum, ride up to the Untersberg by cable car and trek out to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. We’ll end tomorrow with the Sound Of Music tour! I’m thrilled about that.




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