Christmas Markets and Train Rides

Guten Morgen. That’s ‘good morning’ in German.
I am sitting in a train bound for Salzburg and there is way too much scenery for a little girl like me to take in on one go. We’re still rolling through the hills of Wien and passing by some ancient looking buildings. There are houses dotting the hills, they look like a mix of houses you’d imagine some aristocrat living in 500 years ago and gingerbread houses.

Alice is napping because it is still quite early in the day. She’s in the seat in front of me so we both have window seats. She’s missing some prime views!

The train attendants just made an announcement in German. I didn’t understand it so I hope it was nothing super important. We’re blazing through a tunnel now and I’m amazed at how trustworthy the European system is of their users! We just hopped on and apparently they don’t check tickets at all! We obviously have tickets, but I think it’s strange that no one has bothered to check. It’s the same thing with buses and the UBann, people just flow in and out. It’s really up to the users to make sure they have a ticket punched for the day when they’re using the system.

Last night we went to the Winter Christmas Market in Wien’s first district. I’m not even going to try to spell that in German for you. Its got a lot of ‘k’s and ‘z’s in it. The market was right by the Austrian parliament and a beautiful clocktower-like building. It was gorgeous at night. They had also strung up decorations on the trees and we were treated to floating snowmen and hearts.



I loved the lights. They had twinkling arches and a massive tree with gold lights all over it. They was a live band playing under the tree to entertain the people who were at the market. There were about 70 booths selling wide selections of goodies. They were carved tree ornaments, Austrian souvenirs, scented spiced candles and toys. There was a man selling hand made toys, Alice said he was a real elf. Hilarious.


Of course the thing that got my heart pumping the most was the food. I didn’t have to eat anything because the smell was good enough. People were walking around with mugs of steaming hot chocolate, rolls of meats wrapped in pastry and bags of honey roasted peanuts. When I saw the candy booth, I caved. We bought delicious candy apples!

There were so many great things to see at the market but what I loved most was experiencing something different. The best thing about traveling is stepping out of your comfort zone and getting the chance to do things you’d only ever dream of before.
I am so blessed to be able to go this trip! We’re now looking at sprawling green and brown fields that are dotted with tiny yellow houses and windmills. I’m going to watch the Sound of Music for the 537th time so I can be in the right mood for Salzburg. See you soon!




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