R.E.A.D Dogs

This is a short documentary produced for the 25th Hour, a current affairs show hosted by fourth year television journalism students at Carleton University. Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) operates at schools and libraries in the Ottawa region. Handlers and their trained therapy dogs work one-on-one with children to encourage literacy skills.

I was the camerawoman for this story and I had to contain my excitement while we were shooting because all I wanted to do was squeal and cuddle the puppies. We met so many great people and pups while creating this documentary. We worked with Ottawa Therapy Dogs, who were so helpful in finding us sources and people to film.

They do a lot of great work, along with doing the R.E.A.D program, they also visit hospitals, care homes and schools. They  come to Carleton during the exam season so students can release stress. I wish I could hang out with Gogo everyday.


About Iman Azman

Hello! I am Iman Azman and I am excited you're browsing my page. I am a twenty-something who loves (almost) everything the world has to offer. From books to bunnies, food to fitness, work to working-out and the tiny pieces in between. I am a proud Carleton University journalism alumnus and spent most of my early adult life growing up in magical Ottawa. I love being back in KL and super pumped about sharing this next phase of Life with you! Okay, you know a bit about me now, friends?
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