Planning a Wedding

If we’re friends in real life, or if you secretly- stalk me (am I even stalk-worthy!?) you’d know that I’m planning something big.

Like wedding-big. Like, Alhamdulillah-I’m-Getting-To-Marry-My-Best-Friend big (Inshallah). Like this-will-change-everything big. Like I-won’t-have-a-curfew-and-can-hang-out-with-a-boy-after-9PM big. You get my drift.

I tried to put it off for as long as I could because I don’t know the first thing about wedding planning. I surfed Buzzfeed and Pinterest for a few weeks, but let’s be real, there isn’t a ’20 things you should know before planning a Malay Wedding’ entry on Buzzfeed. We’re not a very dominant demographic. I found a pretty good Malay tip sheet (which I then proceeded to translate into English, I’m an idiot) and considered that prep enough.

That was 5 weeks ago.

After a few conversations with my mom and an incessant following of 50+ Instagram accounts, I am finally kicking my butt into gear.  The Malaysian wedding industry is extremely big on Instagram. I found almost everything I needed – designers, make up artists, henna artists, photographers, videographers, florists, hantaran people – it’s insane how many choices we have (how will I choose!? *cries*). I am now addicted to wedding hashtags and wedding creepin’. I say it’s all in the name of research.

But all this ‘research’ is making me freak out. I am sure I’m doing something wrong. There’s going to be something I’m going to forget. I’m going to pick the wrong flowers. I’m going to overpay for the photographs. What if no one comes? What will happen if I hate my outfit? I’m going to have to leave Ottawa!? (We can discuss this later). I’m going to ugly-cry in front of people and it will all get caught on film. What if I wake up with huge zit on my face on the Day?

I have a lot of thoughts. Clearly.

Let’s all hold hands and get ready for this ride. It’s going to be a big one.



About Iman Azman

Hello! I am Iman Azman and I am excited you're browsing my page. I am a twenty-something who loves (almost) everything the world has to offer. From books to bunnies, food to fitness, work to working-out and the tiny pieces in between. I am a proud Carleton University journalism alumnus and spent most of my early adult life growing up in magical Ottawa. I love being back in KL and super pumped about sharing this next phase of Life with you! Okay, you know a bit about me now, friends?
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3 Responses to Planning a Wedding

  1. Nanu says:

    Iman, I dedicate some 10 min of my work to come by, say hi as I don’t think I have properly said congratulations yet. Congrats Iman! So happy for you.

    Also, I miss you!


  2. Three and a half years of going to Uni with you and being in a few lectures/classes together, I can wholeheartedly say, ‘I am very happy for you and your future husband’!

    My wife and I were just as nervous and one thing we both found solace in was doing as much of the planning as possible together. We worked towards our goal of not exceeding a certain amount (we exceeded it…lol) and looked for ways to make it a wedding that reflected us more than anything else. At the end of the day, that made our wedding fun to plan.

    Try to keep this perspective: No matter how the day turns out (IT WILL TURN OUT GREAT!!!), the most important aspect is the next 100 years of togetherness with each other.

    All the best to you both, my friend!

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