VLOG: My First Video – You Better Watch It!

It’s been a little under two months since I’ve been back and I have to admit that I am HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with my friends. It’s a wonder how I survived a PJJ (Perhubungan Jarak Jauh) / LDR (Long Distance Relationship) 😛

After a few emails/FB messages/Whatsapp texts back and forth with my Canadians, I’ve decided that there must be a better way at keeping in touch. I’ve always envied vloggers and people who share pieces of their world on the interwebz, and I thought “it’s not like I’m doing anything else – I wanna do it too!”

This is a classic ‘two birds, one stone scenario’ – my interested friends can watch weekly video updates and I have something to do regularly, plus am able to hear the sound of my own voice constantly (this is sarcasm, btw) 🙂

Please enjoy this short video, and below it is a detailed entry about my week and what I did! I didn’t want to annoy people with a 15 minute video (plus I am still getting the hang of filming random things I’m doing) so I did not include a few big things that happened last week.

*Disclaimer – I made a super cute thumbnail for this video featuring a NICE SMILING PICTURE of me, and not this horrible mid-sentence face 😦 Carry on.

We still have quite a few wedding errands to do. I really never expected that planning a wedding was going to be this challenging and time + thought consuming. I knew it was going to be an overwhelming experience, but never did I think I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming “dah book bunga telur belum?!” (have I booked the bunga telur [boiled and decorated eggs that the bride usually gives the groom+his family, to signify a ‘fertile’ marriage]?!)

This week involved getting Mr. measured for his baju melayu, buying his hantaran (he knows exactly what he likes, so this was easy!) and met the folks who are planning our reception. All that to say, wedding planning is on schedule! Please pray that it keeps sailing relatively smoothly for us, amin 🙂

Along with kicking wedding planning butt, I’ve been kicking my own butt. My mom are going into our sixth week as Workout Buddies and I am so grateful to have someone to train with! We finished Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fit Extreme two weeks ago and we’re now working hard with Jillian Michael’s ‘Body Revolution’.

If you are starting out on your fitness journey and are looking for something do-able but still challenging, I HIGHLY recommend Jillian’s program. I am usually sore halfway through but the work-out is fun I don’t even notice the 30 minutes are up! She mostly uses body weight, so this program is perfect if you have no equipment – don’t use the ‘no equipment’ excuse!

Autumn’s 21 DFX was also amazing – I have completed 3 rounds of it, but wanted to try something different. I’ll definitely go back to 21DFX in August to get more toned before the Big Day 🙂

Mom and I don’t only do wedding stuff (duh! We have lives…) – we visited Vendville at The Strand, Kota Damansara for a bit of shopping. Vendville carries local designers and a lot of basic wear. If you’re looking for a ‘inner dress’ to wear under a flowy see-through kaftan or colorful skirts to match with a patterned top, Vendville is the place to go. Mom is trying to get a bit funkier with her dressing (nak maintain her young vibe) and she found some cool patterned pants, which I am readily stealing once they’re shortened and hemmed.

They had some nice pieces for baju raya and sleek jubahs. I personally will probably not re-visit them, not because of their variety (of which they had many!), but it’s a little out of the way for me, and not exactly my style, but if contemporary muslimah wear is your thing, definitely visit them. Their prices were very reasonable. I did find one top that I liked, and I’m wearing it in the video above 🙂 The stones attached to the sleeves were to cute to pass up!

We don’t shop too often but we eat out quite a bit! We were a household of six that has now been reduced to three, my mom and I don’t see much point in buying groceries and cooking regularly for only three people, so we go out to eat most nights! Mom and I are into health and wellness, and follow our Isagenix Shake and Cleanse days pretty religiously so our dinners are usually protein shakes or a nutritious clean meal. We have our cheat days too, don’t worry 😉

On Friday night though, I craved for nasi and any kind of lauk melayu. We went to Naili’s Place in Ampang where I decided for the table that we were all going to have a huge fried fish. AND NO ONE COULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Don’t worry, it went over well, as you can tell from the video 🙂

My BFFF and Longest Friend of Life, Sofia was sworn in as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya on Friday. Sof and I have been friends since we were two years old, and have pretty much been there for each other throughout our lives. So I was extremely honoured to witness her stand before a judge and a full court room, and be officially made into an Adult lawyer. Tak main-main dah ye kak, dah lawyer betul dah ni! I am not embarrassed to say that I totally cried, and was so touched that she included me in her acknowledgements – after her boyfriend’s name lah okay, but what can you do kan? (jokes).

I am now forever saved from any potential jail time, speeding tickets and other unfortunate run-ins with the law. My Sof’s got my back.


Over the weekend, Mr. and I finally did our kursus kahwin (pre-marriage course. You MUST complete the course and get a certificate upon completion in order to apply for a marriage license), and it’s safe to say that it was a pretty awkward two days. Imagine being crammed into a room of 20 girls and 25 boys (an un-matched number because I am assuming some of the people there were they to poach for partners – this is just an awful assumption on my part) and have six speakers lecture you in two hour slots each about the values of marriage, how to potentially divorce your partner correctly and the importance of household communication.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the lectures were useful and I had lots of laughs in a few of them, but the last session on how to dissolve your marriage made me very sad. I couldn’t even imagine Mr. dropping talak on me or accusing me of adultery. We had a quick talk about it after and I felt better, but I was still sad to think that some men would even dare raise their hands to their wife. The kursus kahwin was good in the sense that it told you about the realities of marriage and made you aware of the laws in place in case you’re ever in need of help – but inshallah Mr. and I won’t have to worry about that. Please pray for us, amin.

I’m sorry to end this post on a relatively sad note, but I am 53 minutes past my bed time of 10 p.m. Please let me know if there are other things you’d like to see/read in my vlogs/videos/blogs and I’ll be more than happy to consider (cheh, didn’t think I was going to be gung-ho and do everything you asked huh!) Thank you for reading this far, and for watching my video – any feedback or comments will be so deeply appreciated. I know my little heart will just burst with happiness.

To ensure you have a great day/night, here’s a cute photo of me and my sister (who I miss lots):



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