Discovering Candy Aisles + Wedding Vlog #3

Ashraf took the day off and I was internally celebrating – a three day weekend?!


We ran a few errands, had lunch and I took him to Jaya Grocer in Intermark. Jaya Grocer is a new thing for me. Before I left for Ottawa, the “hippest” supermarket KL had was Cold Storage. Cold Storage carried brands that local markets didn’t have and I preferred their produce and store layout. Plus I have lots of warm fuzzy feelings of helping my Nenek on her food shopping trips and always managing to sneak in a Mars Bar or two 🙂

But since coming back to KL and discovering Jaya Grocer, I have abandoned Cold Storage (#traitor) and discovered all of Jaya Grocer’s yummy (and expensive) goodness. They also carry a lot of the organic ingredients and natural foods I’ve missed since leaving Ottawa.

They even have Canadian candy and cereal! But they don’t have good greek yogurt – that hunt is still on. Aih, I am suddenly feeling slightly old-aunty-ish because I am writing a post about supermarkets!

Ashraf has never been to Jaya Grocer and walking through Aisle 8 literally changed his life. We spent 17 minutes in the  ‘Candy, Chocolate and Cookies’ aisle oohing and aahing over all the colourful treasures.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

“Babe, I want this”

“Right, but you don’t need it. Put it back please”

We repeated that 20 times, and walked out of the store with only four things. I gave him a free pass on getting Skippy’s Salted Caramel peanut butter because I secretly wanted to try some too (#sneakywife)

Kononnya he wanted snacks to munch on in the office, but as soon as we got into the car, he opened a pack of jellybeans. We were stuck in a traffic jam for a few minutes and in an attempt to annoy him, I started scratching his head.

Out of nowhere he says, “So this is what it feels like to be a cat. I like it.”

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

He’s too cute.

I posted Wedding Vlog #3 on my YouTube channel – please ‘like’ the video if you’re feeling generous, and ‘subscribe’ if you’re in an exceptionally wonderful mood.


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    can you increase yr font size 🙂

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