Wedding Photos

This is long overdue, it’s almost stale. We’ve been married five months and I’m only putting photos up now.


In hindsight, should have used a nicer hanger for my dress. There is a whole wedding dress debacle which I shall save for a later post (who knows when that will ever go up!).


We Face-Timed with a few of my Canadians friends during the Nikah. I knew they’d be there in spirit, but it was also nice to see their faces enlarged on my phone. I miss them so much.


Months before getting married, I was obsessed with wedding videos. I watched hours of complete strangers’ wedding footage. They always seem to be so dramatic, climatic and someone would undoubtedly cry.

Most of the time it’s the bride. I didn’t know if I was going to cry. I knew Mama would, Amal would, but me – not so sure.

Turns out I did. But not when I was “handed over” to Ashraf, or when I kissed Mama when it happened. I cried when the Qadi read the doa after the Nikah – he asked for Allah to bless our families, our marriage and all those that came before us. I started feeling tears when he said that, I thought about my arwah grandma.

I would’ve done anything for her to be there with us, to meet Ashraf (she would’ve liked him, I’m sure of it) and just to be a part of a day I had thought about for so long. But Allah knows best, and Inshallah I know she’s in a much better place.



One of the things I really wanted to do was to pray solat sunat nikah together. It’s usually the groom who prays it by himself, because the brides have a whole face of make up on and probably can’t keep wudhu. But I was so determined! I took wudhu at 7 a.m. before the make up artist came and kept it the whole time – I couldn’t even pee!

We prayed around 10:45 a.m. so I was pretty proud of myself. That’s almost four hours without a bathroom break.


My beautiful moms 🙂

#MG_8011#MG_8031#MG_8055#MG_8059#MG_8106#MG_8141#MG_8197#MG_8201#MG_8245#MG_8273#MG_8283#MG_8289 (1)

My two bestest friends in the whole world. There are a lot of changes that happen when you get married, but for me the two constants are Mama and Mools.

These photos are darn cute!

#MG_8291#MG_8292 (1)#MG_8335#MG_8341#MG_8399#MG_8410IMG_8450I hope you liked the photos. More soon, promise.


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2 Responses to Wedding Photos

  1. Aya says:

    Hey where’d you do your wedding dress?

  2. Intan Jameel says:

    Salam, hi Iman! Congratulations on your wedding! Just wanna say… Your mom is so beautiful and pretty and looks so young! Please ask her to share her fountain of youth! ❤

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