Signing our house loan!

It’s after official work hours but everyone is still at their desk. I’m so happy that I ticked off a good amount of things on my list. Ashraf and I are going to meet our banker this evening and sign our loan agreement for our first house!

I am so excited, this is a big step! I had to learn so much about financials, loans, and picked up so many acronyms! MRTT, MOA, FD, EA – I now dream in acronyms!

I think one of the toughest things about buying a condo is actually waiting for the keys. Why do they take so long to build?! I guess the bright side is that 2019 is ONLY 2 years away. Haha!

Our first house! A piece of land (well, actually sky) that’s going to be all ours. Something with our names on it! It’s such a huge feeling and I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It took us a while to get a loan because of all the paperwork, but it’s finally going to be worth it when we seal the deal tonight.

Sidenote: Imandatory #7 was published a while ago, and #8 comes out this Wednesday! These are two have been my favourite ones to share with you guys.

I think I put a bit of pressure on myself when it comes to the articles because I want each one to be better than the last. The worst thing would be for someone to say “oooh, last week’s article was better..” – which of course is bound to happen because it’s a very unrealistic expectation.

If you’ve read my blog before, #7 will seem somewhat familiar. I’ve written about breaking up with Journalism before, and this article is just an extension of the feelings I’ve had since writing the post almost 2 years ago.

7) Why We Broke Up 17) Why We Broke Up 2


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Hello! I am Iman Azman and I am excited you're browsing my page. I am a twenty-something who loves (almost) everything the world has to offer. From books to bunnies, food to fitness, work to working-out and the tiny pieces in between. I am a proud Carleton University journalism alumnus and spent most of my early adult life growing up in magical Ottawa. I love being back in KL and super pumped about sharing this next phase of Life with you! Okay, you know a bit about me now, friends?
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One Response to Signing our house loan!

  1. Nuraini R. says:

    I can totally relate to imandatory #7, Iman! I think I’m sort of experiencing this phase? I’m reading a communications degree now. I’m not really sure if I should find jobs that can gift me the opportunity to write or just settle for something where a spectrum of my skills can be utilised upon graduation. I love to write but I keep questioning myself if I should make a career out of it.

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