Chewing on gummy worms

The room is quiet and the only thing I can hear is Gavin James humming in my ear. But I’ sure girlboss can hear the tap-tap-tapping of my fingers on the keyboard and me chewing away at the Haribo gummy worms I bought earlier.

We’re in Brunei right now, finally resting after a long day. I got up at 2AM, was in a cab at 3AM, got to the airport at 4AM, had the bags checked in and ready to meet girlboss at 5AM, and was finally on the plane at 6AM. Travel is not as chic as it may seem to be.

Girlboss worked super hard today as a judge for the #AirAsiaRunway Ready Designer Search in conjunction with KLFW that’s coming up in August. I love tagging along for the judging sessions because I learn so much and it’s fun to pick favourite designers and cheer them on till the end.

The pool of designers from Brunei was pretty small compared to the other ASEAN countries – which is totally fair because they do not have a design school here and this is the first year AARDS came to Bandar Seri Begawan. But what a great pool! There’s definitely amazing and untapped talent here, there were a few contestants that I really liked. Hopefully we get to see them next year!

So girlboss is taking some much needed rest-time before we head out for dinner with Nabeela (better known as the super famous, extremely chic, uber cool LipstickMyName) and her husband *girl-crush sighs*

I better go get myself together before we head out.

And, I’m going to leave this one here, just in case you want to read it 🙂

8) The Everyday Of Marriage 1

April 12th 2017: The Everyday of Marriage

8) The Everyday Of Marriage 2

April 12th 2017: The Everyday of Marriage



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Hello! I am Iman Azman and I am excited you're browsing my page. I am a twenty-something who loves (almost) everything the world has to offer. From books to bunnies, food to fitness, work to working-out and the tiny pieces in between. I am a proud Carleton University journalism alumnus and spent most of my early adult life growing up in magical Ottawa. I love being back in KL and super pumped about sharing this next phase of Life with you! Okay, you know a bit about me now, friends?
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One Response to Chewing on gummy worms

  1. Sarah Iman says:

    Hi Iman, thank you for posting this. I am one of your follower who think you are having perfect life. PA to Vivy, get marry to your dream man and both of you guys are successful people. Thank you for writing this as I getting marry soon and heard so many times to not expect anything from the husband ( do not put Mr Darcy kind expectation on the husband), to always tell him what I want instead of hinting and to communicate.

    I really agree with you because of the social media most of us thought everyone is leading a happy perfect life without any flaws

    Your writing make me realize to always filter what I read/see on the social media.

    May your marriage be blessed till jannah Inshaallah 🙂

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