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Imagining The Worst Car Accidents

I have been fearful of car rides ever since my accident last year. I want to cry every time Ashraf gets to close to the car in front of us or when he has to brake really hard. My heart … Continue reading

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The Lace Dress

I recently posted a short snippet of our wedding video on my Instagram. This wasn’t the original video we had made. Our wedding videographer, Jubsi put together some great clips but it wasn’t really “us”. They shot some amazing footage … Continue reading

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Cleanse Day Kickstart

Today is my re-kickstart after almost a month of on-off exercise and poor eating choices – my recent posts on Instagram tells all! So after a weekend of really bad eating (I had two orders of mee mamaks last night, … Continue reading

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Discovering Candy Aisles + Wedding Vlog #3

Ashraf took the day off and I was internally celebrating – a three day weekend?! Inconceivable! We ran a few errands, had lunch and I took him to Jaya Grocer in Intermark. Jaya Grocer is a new thing for me. … Continue reading

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My Car-eoke Session, Rudely Interrupted

Since Ashraf’s started working at the Twin Towers, I’ve taken it upon myself to drive him to the LRT station in the mornings and pick him up after work. I didn’t demonstrate my best abilities during my driving vlog, but … Continue reading

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Meeting Iman Azman

The power of the internet is cool, and creepy. I went out for lunch with my friend Safiyya last week. We sat at a little table in Serai, a restaurant in the Dining Loft at Pavillion. We hadn’t seen each … Continue reading

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VLOG: No Longer The ‘Only Child’

I was an only child for 16 months before my little brother came along. I didn’t know why he came and always wondered when we were going to give him back to whoever dropped him off at our house. When … Continue reading

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