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We’re Going To The Beach!

We’re sitting in a pretty bumpy plane heading to Male. Male is the capital city of Maldives. Yes, Maldives is big enough to have a capital city. Girl Boss and Man Boss are in Tokyo for a work trip and … Continue reading

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The Lace Dress

I recently posted a short snippet of our wedding video on my Instagram. This wasn’t the original video we had made. Our wedding videographer, Jubsi put together some great clips but it wasn’t really “us”. They shot some amazing footage … Continue reading

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Hearing Impaired

My ear popped. I was at my in-laws for buka puasa two weeks ago and as I was lying down to give our nephew a kiss, I heard the loudest POP in my right ear. And then, silence. Actual silence. … Continue reading

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Discovering Candy Aisles + Wedding Vlog #3

Ashraf took the day off and I was internally celebrating – a three day weekend?! Inconceivable! We ran a few errands, had lunch and I took him to Jaya Grocer in Intermark. Jaya Grocer is a new thing for me. … Continue reading

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Wedding Vlogs and Coffee Conundrums

My brother took me out for coffee last night at this hip place called Espresso Lab in Taman Melawati. Firstly, it was shocking because we went at 11p.m. and I’m usually in pajamas watching some kind of extraction video on … Continue reading

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An official Mrs.

So, I’ve been married for over a month. I am a married woman. All taken. No longer single. No more minglin’ for me. Game over. But in all honesty, it’s actually ‘Game On’ – because I think now our nice … Continue reading

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Forget the Excuses and Do It For Yourself

Last week alone I was asked at least eightΒ times by completely new strangers – a) Is THAT your mom? or b) How old is your mom? Answer a) Yes, that is my mom. The woman who bore and raised me. … Continue reading

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