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Colour Confused

I was driving down a long stretch of highway when I noticed the continuous stream of billboards advertising skin whitening products and collagen and all sort of ‘white’ beauty products. Why are Malaysians so obsessed with being fair? I just … Continue reading

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Blue-sy Monday

I am trying to be a part of the 5AM club. I have decided that 2017 is the year where I make this habit a reality – it’s a lot harder than I thought. Last night I thought I’d be … Continue reading

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I Hate This Funk

Tonight I am feeling a mish mash of feelings. I am annoyed, sad, frustrated, confused and a whole cocktail of other negative emotions. But the worst part of it all is I don’t know why I feel this way. Is … Continue reading

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The Lace Dress

I recently posted a short snippet of our wedding video on my Instagram. This wasn’t the original video we had made. Our wedding videographer, Jubsi put together some great clips but it wasn’t really “us”. They shot some amazing footage … Continue reading

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Cleanse Day Kickstart

Today is my re-kickstart after almost a month of on-off exercise and poor eating choices – my recent posts on Instagram tells all! So after a weekend of really bad eating (I had two orders of mee mamaks last night, … Continue reading

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My Car-eoke Session, Rudely Interrupted

Since Ashraf’s started working at the Twin Towers, I’ve taken it upon myself to drive him to the LRT station in the mornings and pick him up after work. I didn’t demonstrate my best abilities during my driving vlog, but … Continue reading

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An official Mrs.

So, I’ve been married for over a month. I am a married woman. All taken. No longer single. No more minglin’ for me. Game over. But in all honesty, it’s actually ‘Game On’ – because I think now our nice … Continue reading

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